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Sales : As the saying goes ” Health is Wealth”. we know you need your medication as they essential to your health and state of mental wellbeing and wellfare. We therefore do not neccessarily need any form of doctor’s authoriation or prior prescription in order to be able to serve you. Basically, if we think you need it then we give it to you

Product Quality : All our products are lab tested and certified as fit for human consumption by the appropriate medical constitutions. We only deal with certified and lab and clinically control substances and pills. We do not in any way directly or indirectly deal with low quality products

Delivery – When you buy weed online in Dubai from us, we offer you an instant drop off delivery to any nearby resort, hotel, gas station or metro stop within a 500 mile radius or using dispatch riders to any address further than 500 miles from our nearest dispatch location.

All deliveries must be backed by the medical marijuana card and/or the $227 refundable insurance deposit which will be refunded in full and attached to your package upon delivery.

Customer Service : We understand building long term relationships between us and our customers can only be possible via a reliable source of communication and over multiple communication chanels. We therefore have been able to make ourselves available over the phone or calls, text, email, and on instant live chat communication and we are available online on a 24/7 basis

Refund Policy : We know you worry about where you put your money into even when it concerns your health. Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. We offer a 7-21 days refund money back guanrantee and a 7-14 days refund policy. While all our products are effective, if you feel like you didn’t get what you ordered may be human error or changed your mind about the roduct, then we can make a full refund